Websites and MODX / Evolution CMS Development

Websites Development

I create lightweight and fast websites that works great on mobile devices. It doesn't matter if you use smartphone, tablet or laptop - your website will look great and load fast.

Content Management Systems

Do you need a website that you could manage by yourself? Add content, images, articles? No problem. I use MODX/EVO content management systems to build your website. MODX/EVO is a software that is highly appreciated by our clients for simplicity, work speed and flexibility.


Too much work? I'm here to help!

Web Support

Already have a website, but you need someone to take care of it? I'm here to help. I'll update your website with new content or do necessary changes in the code.

HTML Templates

Have design ready and looking for someone to code it? That's me. I code semantic HTML and modular CSS. Responsive, mobile-first, blazing fast websites build with Sass, BEM, Grunt, Bootstrap and some jQuery are my domain.