Filling eForm report dynamically in Evolution CMS

eForm is one of the most popular Evolution CMS snippet. It generates and process forms. Usually static forms.

But hey, what to do when our form is going to be generated dynamicly withe use of for example Ditto? Sometimes it will have more and sometimes less fields or different field names or we will want to exclude empty fields from report. How to make our form to be dynamic?

In Evolution CMS almost everything is possible, so relax. eForm is very flexible and its maker was aware of our future needs ;) Thats why he included events linked to custom PHP containing anything we want. That is what we are going to use now.

1. Let's create our custom function

First step is to create snippet (named it eFormFunctions) that will contain function, which will scan through submited form, retrieve field names with it's values, and at the end it will create new variable with whole new dynamic form content for report. We are going to use this variable as a placeholder inside a chunk that will be our form report template.

// by
function populate_report( &$fields ){

  $output = '<table border="1">';

  foreach ($fields as $key => $value) {
  // remove empty and unnecesary fields from report
    if($value!='' && $key!='postdate' && $key!='formid' && $key!='submit'){
      $output .= '<tr valign="top"><td>'.$key.'</td><td>'.$value.'</td></tr>';

  $output .= '</table>';

  $fields['dynamicFields'] = $output;

  return true;


2. eForm parameter

We can say that hard part is behind us. Now, we have to run our snippet (eFormFunctions) in place where we run eForm.

[ ! eFormFunctions ! ]
[ ! eForm ! ]

There should be typical eForm parameters above ofcours. Additionaly we have to add parameter which is responsible for running our new function before submiting our form. Parameter is called &eFormOnBeforeMailSent and in our case its value should be populate_report.

[ ! eFormFunctions ! ]
[ ! eForm? &eFormOnBeforeMailSent=`populate_report` ! ]

3. Report template

The only thing we need now, is to put a [ + dynamicFields + ] placeholder in our report template. That's it. From now on our form report is going to be generated dynamically! It is possible to extend this method, so it will get resources names with specified IDs when running. Etc.